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Distribution is KING.

Content is QUEEN. With the ever increasing amount of activity in users feeds it can be hard for brands to obtain social cut through – making distribution a growing issue. With So Perth’s distribution power, brands are able to give their content further reach through an influential account and obtain an head start over their competitors.

With So Perth, brands get access to dozens of influential content creators who are passionate about their topics of interest – making them a trusted and influential leader within their fields. We then pair the quality, unique and insightful content with the distribution power of So Perth and our digital marketing expertise to reach and engage the right users for your brand.

  • Twitter: 89,835 (SEPT)
  • Instagram: 23,100 (SEPT)
  • Facebook: 24,893 (SEPT)
  • Periscope: 14,903 (SEPT)
  • Vine: 1,229 (SEPT)
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Hub of conversation and buzz in Perth.

So Perth’s strategy is to create and curate articles, video and pictures from bloggers and social media users and distribute that content through owned, earned and paid online media tactics – reaching a highly engaged local audiences.
  • June to July 2016 - 2.1 million page views
  • 40+ Local bloggers
  • 72,000+ Unique website visits per month
  • 59% of website audience are aged 18-35 year olds
  • 71% of website traffic from mobile devices
So Perth services

So Perth Services

Content Marketing

So Perth has grown to become one of the most influential and trusted media outlets in Perth. In 2015, So Perth has partnered with 40+ of popular local bloggers and social media influencers, giving brands access to the best content creators in town.

So Perth & our partners can create unique and engaging content relevant to your brand – igniting local conversation, social sharing and buzz.

Display Advertising

Buy display on the So Perth website, buy the entire website out for a week or month at a time.

Be associated with one of Australia’s fastest growing and most trusted new media brands.

So Perth create positive sentiment stories, so your brand will not be associated with inappropriate or negative articles.

Social Distribution

When we talk Perth listen.

We distribute your content marketing work across our social network. Reach Perth’s most engaged audience instantly across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Have your brand mentioned and get people talking.

Social Advertising

Social advertising shouldn’t be a dirty word. Social advertising has paved the way to most sophisticated marketing tool ever, we are able to then leverage this to give the quality content the added attention it deserves.

To ensure that brand content reaches the right audience, in the right place at the right time, So Perth offers social media advertising packages through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Video Production

So Perth works with trusted and quality video production teams to produce highly relevant, engaging and entertaining video content marketing for brands.

From popular local ‘V-loggers’ to Perth’s social media savvy video producers – So Perth can work with brands to produce the most innovative and high quality video content for distribution on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and more.


So Perth competitions are the ideal way to get the public talking and excited about your brand/campaign.

So Perth Twitter competitions also result in the hashtag for the brand/campaign trending within Perth almost instantly.

There are options to have the official Twitter account of the brand/campaign to the competition tweet. So Perth can competition through our other social channels – Facebook and Instagram, extending reach and engagement to new audiences.

'Creating great content is not the finish line. It's the starting line'


We have worked with some of WA's most recognised brands as well as international brands

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'Building shareability into your content maybe the most important concept'

So Perth In The Media

9 News Perth

The Founder of Tweet Perth, Adam Barrell, regularly features on Channel 9 as their ‘Social Media Expert’ providing commentary on the latest social media news/trends locally and from around the world.

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The West

Tweet Perth, the Twitter account that aggregates local news and lifestyle tweets, has teamed up with 40 top WA bloggers to launch its own content platform.

Adam Barrell, founder of Tweet Perth and digital account director at Haystac, toldM&M this week the new website would give the bloggers access to a bigger audience and create new opportunities for marketers to engage with “a highly engaged, localised audience”.

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Campaign Brief

TweetPerth – the popular Perth Twitter account that aggregates local Twitter activity, news and events – has fast became a hub for the Perth Twitter Community.

Now Tweet Perth has launched a new content platform with 40 well-known Perth bloggers.

The new Tweet Perth website will be an extension of the popular Twitter account to become home to Perth’s most engaging and interested long-form blog content, news, event information and more.

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