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Capture first-party data and insights at scale

Unlock our suite of Chatbot platforms today and start converting social media users and website traffic to email addresses with detailed user insight at scale.

Australia's #1 Chatbot Agency - So Media Group

Why you need a Chatbot

Having built chatbots for our own platforms and for a number of clients, So Media Group can handle everything you need to implement a successful chatbot strategy.

The key benefitsย  of a chatbot for your business:

  • Fastest growing brand communication channel (Source)
  • First-party data capture
  • Automation of data to CRMs
  • Individual experiences at scale
  • Added value and experiences for your community
  • Real-time engage – no delay
  • Cross-platform activation opportunities (social media, website, email and QR codes)

Chatbots that just work

"We originally built chatbots to improve our own platforms, now we have taken these learnings to produce crazy results for clients."

The Best Competition Chatbot In Market

Make your next social competition go viral

The best social competition platform on the market.

Increase your first-party data, capture user insight and grow your social following all at the same time.

Explore our suite of So Perth chatbots and case studies

Engage Chatbot Coupons

Social Digital Coupons

Activate users to claim coupons and redeem online/in-store providing a direct and trackable ROI.

Bring offline users online | Bring Online Users In store

no point of sale required | No scanning required

track all offer claims and redeems in real-time

Australia's #1 Chatbot Agency - So Media Group

Chatbot Email Captures

Build your email database on autopilot

Don’t you wish you could grow your email database without having to try? Well, we did that.

The one tool every Perth business with a Facebook and Instagram page should be using.

Convert your Facebook and Instagram followers to email subscribers with our CGT Chatbot and watch your email database grow every time you post on Facebook and Instagram.

Whatever you need, we can build a chatbot for that

Our chatbot clients

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